I am an architect and artist, and work in the juncture between architecture and art with spatial multimedia installations.

The spaces are defined by physical and digital elements, and I investigate the experience of these augmented spaces.
The user is invited to investigate the space through a mediated blend of live video from the user’s perspective and a real-time rendering of the three-dimensional digital structures. How we relate to the digital elements in a physical space from a bodily and proprioceptive viewpoint is the focus of my investigation.
To create these spaces I use a combination of custom software and hardware that I have developed over the years.
I use the technology Augmented Reality to position the user in 6 degrees of orientation and to blend the live video stream with the real-time rendering of the digital elements. Subtle but effective effects and details are calculated to persuade the user to believe that all the elements coexists, similar to how we believe the premises in a film.


Some of my material can be found here:

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