This is the 3rd installation in the [syn]aesthetics series of Investigations of Digitally Augmented Space

A_frontI am very exited to exhibit my installation at Galleri ROM in Oslo. It is a very interesting space over 2 floors with about 50m2 on each, and most of the ground floor has double height. It has been the premises for Galleri ROM for the last 5 years, a gallery that focuses on the field where architecture intersects with art.

video & images>>>

monitorThe installation uses the whole exhibition space, and consists of 3 handheld monitors (1 cordless and 2 with cable) equipped with progressive XGA video cameras, headphones and buttons for interaction. Through these monitors the users explore the space, augmented with digital structures and spatialized sounds, and interact with them in a real-time experience.




The installation is the 3rd in a series of Investigations of Digitally Augmented Space, as part of my research at AHO

I have chosen to continue with the synaesthesia reference, as I still find the combination of graphics, sound and motion interesting. This time I have designed the sounds as well. I needed new sounds, and have gained a new interest for synths and circuit bending.

New features since last:

– interaction with the digital structures

– new specially designed monitors

– a cordless monitor version

– image correcting of the background video

I would like to thank Hirotake Ishii for use of his tracking system,for his programming and our great collaboration.

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