The new Mobile Augmented Reality Screen

1To experience this type of space, you need hardware. The hardware becomes part of the installation and artwork, and needs to have aesthetics that goes with the rest, in addition to holding the necessary technology. I have chosen to work with a tracking system based on image processing. Partly because the video camera is needed to produce the background image anyway, partly because it needs little hardware, and partly because it is a simple technology. The AR monitor is nothing more than a large powerful mobile phone/PDA. A screen, a camera and a processing unit. People are familiar with it, and have no great expectations to what it will do. Opposed to VR/AR/3D goggles, that many people have a tendency to believe are magic.


Specs for the especially interested:
12″ XGA TFT screen
1.6 GHz Intel dual core CPU
Intel GMA 950 PCI Express GPU, Up to 256 MB shared video RAM
Progressive XGA video camera, 30 fps

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