This is the 1st installation in the [syn[aesthetics series, and my diploma project at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design from spring 2005

header.jpg[syn]aesthetics is an interactive augmented reality installation for experiencing digital structures and spatialized sound
The base for the project is synaesthesia, the neurologically-based phenomenon where stimulation in one sensory leads to experiences in another sensory
A common experience is to see sound
I worked with a norwegian composer of contemporary music called Arne Nordheim, and used some of his electroacoustic sounds from his time in Warsaw in the 60’s
These sounds was the basis for the dynamic digital structures

hall.jpgThe installation is situated in the construction hall at the School, and consists of a rig in the celing with a grid of 99 fiducial markers

structure_1.jpgWith the tracking infomation, the software is able to render the digital structures in relation to the users position, and composit them with the live background video in real time

structure_2.jpgThe user can experience these shapes and structures as if they where there, and move around to view them from all angles as a three dimenssional form

helmet.jpgWith this custom buildt helmet, the user is able to see and hear the spatialized shapes and sounds
It consists of two progressive video cameraes, one for the tracking and one for the video background, a headset and a head mounted display

hmd.jpgThe head mounted display I use is a pair of Sony Glasstron PLM S-700

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